11 Job Ideas That Involves Traveling Around the World

Many job ideas involve traveling to different places, be it inside the country or beyond. 

11 Job Ideas That Involves Traveling Around the World
11 Job Ideas That Involves Traveling Around the World

For those people who are very passionate about traveling to other sites and exploring different cultures, this can be a dream come true since you get paid for doing your job.

At the same time, you set out to other places and enjoy different cultures.

These are some of the job ideas that involve traveling.

1. Flight Attendants

Of course, it goes without saying that flight attendants are on the top of the list for job ideas that involve traveling.

Flight attendants usually start on domestic flights.

As time goes by, your experiences would allow you to handle international flights.

The requirements for flight attendants vary per airline.

Still, you should have the ability to stand on your feet for hours and also reach overhead bins easily.

Flight attendants tend to visit different places because it is a part of their job.

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2. Travel Agents

Being a travel agent doesn’t mean you have to sit down in your travel agency and wait for people to come inside.

Travel agents must have extensive traveling experience.

This is because it would be hard for them to recommend a destination or a hotel if they could not experience going there or staying there firsthand.

You must travel in search of hotels that you can recommend to your clients, airlines you can recommend, and travel destinations your experience can vouch for.

That way you can give recommendations to your clients who would surely enjoy their travels there.

3. International Aid Worker

Suppose you enjoy helping other people while traveling around the world.

In that case, you should consider becoming an international aid worker for organizations like the Red Cross, the Red Crescent, or UNICEF.

These jobs offer a full salary.

It also comes complete with accommodations, scholarships, and skills training you can use to help poor countries with their basic needs such as food, water, shelter, and medical attention.

This job would also look good on your resume since it involves volunteering.

Therefore, this is a job idea that involves traveling to be considered.

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4. Cruise Ship Workers

Working on a luxury cruise ship is an excellent job idea that involves traveling.

Naturally, you must hop aboard a cruise ship and work there as their employee.

It can be as a cabin crew, an entertainer, or the ones involved in ensuring the ship sails smoothly.

Since cruise ships travel to different countries worldwide, it allows you to get off the ship at times and explore the places to visit in your free time.

5. Foreign Service Officer

Diplomats, ambassadors, consuls, and other workers for the Foreign Service usually go to different countries and stay there for long periods, from six months to three years.

It is one of the great job ideas that involve traveling. Still, you need to be highly qualified for this position.

Usually, they require you to be licensed as a Foreign Service officer, pass their examinations and screenings, and also be able to speak multiple languages.

This can be a challenging job, but this is undoubtedly rewarding.

6. English Teachers

All you need is your teaching certificate and/or your TESOL or TEFL certificate.

These specialized certificates can be substitutes if you don’t have a teaching license.

Since English is a language universally used in different fields, more people are interested in learning the language.

This allows you to go to foreign countries armed with your teaching experience and relevant certifications.

7. Travel Bloggers

It can be any type of blogging, but travel bloggers gain the most experience traveling to different parts of the world.

They usually write about their experience staying there.

They also recommend foods to try, places to visit, activities to try, and so many other things. 

Bloggers, in general, usually get paid for affiliate links, ads, and collaborations with major brands.

This is an excellent job idea that involves traveling because you are getting paid to write about different places and experience everything yourself.

8. Travel Photographers

If you are someone who is skilled in photography and loves traveling, this job is for you.

You can take photos of stunning places worldwide and sell them to clients, from magazines to advertisers to individuals needing your pictures for their goods online.

You must have fantastic photo editing skills as well.

Travel photographers earn a lot of money from selling high-quality photos to clients.

9. Translators

This job calls for your mastery of several languages to communicate with people doing business overseas.

Sometimes, you have to travel with your client to translate their thoughts and expressions to their clients or business partners.

You can also translate literature such as letters, product descriptions, and other documents relevant to your business.

10. Local Travel Guides

If you are highly knowledgeable about different things to do in your area, be it exciting activities to try or exciting places to visit, this job is perfect for you.

Local travel guides tell tourist groups what they need to know in order to see a particular site.

Working as a tour guide hits two birds in one stone: you get to travel to different places and recommend your observations to the tourists.

11. Freelance Travel Writers

Many travel agencies and travel companies hire freelance travel writers to do write-ups for their places to visit.

These are usually content that is both compelling and catchy enough to capture the attention of prospective clients.

Aside from research, you must have extensive travel experience so that your articles would have a personal touch in them.

This is a job idea that involves traveling, and you just need to rely on your wordplay and writing skills to produce high-quality content for your clients.

There are a lot of job ideas that involve traveling.

These are excellent choices since you get to incorporate your love and passion for traveling and the chance to earn money to support your desires in life.

These allow you to enjoy what you love and get paid for it.

How cool is that?


Here are 11 job ideas that lets you travel around the world:

  1. Flight Attendants
  2. Travel Agents
  3. International Aid Worker
  4. Cruise Ship Workers
  5. Foreign Service Officer
  6. English Teachers
  7. Travel Bloggers
  8. Travel Photographers
  9. Translators
  10. Local Travel Guides
  11. Freelance Travel Writers

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