9 Side Hustle Ideas for 14-Year-Olds in 2021

It is no longer new for older people to notice that teenagers nowadays are naturally motivated to try and explore new experiences—and that may be the effective way to helping them develop and instill a sense of purpose in life.

9 Side Hustle Ideas for 14-Year-Olds in 2021
9 Side Hustle Ideas for 14-Year-Olds in 2021

They simply know what they want, and that is a very admirable thing.

But let me ask you this, how do you use your spare time?

Have you considered trying to do side hustles at a young age?

If you are looking for side hustle ideas for 14-years-old that you can pursue outside school hours, then you are on the right page.

Side hustles will allow you to grow and unlock new learnings as you will be exposed to different ideas.

It could be things you personally enjoy and seeking to do.

It might overwhelm you for quite some time, but once you manage to handle it properly, you will get the hang of it.

Allow me to help you, young people!

Below are the following side hustle ideas for 14-year-olds:

1. Earn while playing mobile application games

Being a teenager, you probably spend most of your time on your phone every day.

Use your extra time to earn money while playing games on your mobile phones.

That sounds too good to be authentic, but it is legit.

There are hundreds of games online, so why not take advantage while you are scrolling at it?

Find and download some games platform app that pays you cash.

But before anything else, make sure that it is all legit.

Average salary: ($10 and this may vary on the rules and how you played on your chosen game app)

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2. Making Artworks

You can turn your artistic skills into making money opportunities.

Many people out there are willing to pay an amount you would never expect for personally made products.

Make creative crafts that you love doing and turn them into local business.

This might be a little work for you to build, but there is no instant success.

You may be needing extra support from your family and relatives when pursuing this.

Widen your imagination and maximize your potential.

Average salary: (starters may gain income at $5 per product or based on what you sell)

3. Perform or Join in contests

You can have money from simply showing off your talent – may it be with singing, dancing, playing instruments, spoken word poetry, or whatever talent runs in your blood.

Many places offer the opportunity for people who are invested in the world of arts.

You can try and go to auditions if there is any available paying position for someone who wants to perform.

Nowadays, even the online world is putting up some contests that can showcase one’s talent.

Watch out for it and if you bump into any event like that, give it a shot.

Average salary: (depends on the talent fee of the organization)

4. Blogging

Are you into making creative outputs, loves to spread informative facts, or down to doing some research-related stuff?

Then, why don’t you try blogging? This is another good starting point for a young one like you.

Since we spend most of the time engaging, scrolling, and reading online, we could take advantage of it to good use.

How to Make Money Blogging

Blogging is a way to earn good money in the comfort of your home.

Average salary: $100-5000 – per month (may still change during your starting year)

5. Create a YouTube Channel

Are you aware that the second largest search engine globally is YouTube?

That said, this is another good side hustle you might want to try.

By having a channel and creating enthralling video outputs, you can possibly earn money once monetized.

Know your target audience, and that is most likely to be the same age as you.

Post something that the audience will find relatable and valuable.

One more thing, brace yourselves when entering this kind of field as many viewers or strangers bluntly express and utter rude words towards what you do.

The world can be harsh, but as long as you enjoy it and no one is harmed, continue rocking!

Average salary: (you can receive $18 per 1,000 ad views and your income may vary on your channel’s performance)

6. Live Streaming

This is another sideline that the kids will definitely have fun doing it.

If you love to play video games, you might as well make earnings from it.

You just have to do streaming live while you play for those viewers who want to watch you.

How to Make Money Doing Live Streams

The more viewers, the higher revenues you will get.

Average salary: ($300-1000 per month)

7. Clothes Thrift Selling

Do you have used clothes but do not want to wear them anymore?

Get all those clothes from your wardrobe and start organizing what to sell.

This is your chance to create money from it.

Building your mini-thrift shop could be your tool to get extra money.

You can sell your stuff on different platforms – online or in person.

How to Make Money Selling Clothes

Average salary: $100-500 (income may vary on sold items)

8. Selling Baked Goods

This one is for those young ones who are really good at baking.

Bake and let other people know your great baking skills.

Social media platforms are there to help you build your name in this field.

Take drooling pictures of your baked goods.

Average salary: $100-500 (income may vary on sold products)

9. Do Photography

This is a great side gig for young people who loves to capture moments.

You could start on offering your skills to your relatives or people you are familiar with if there is any upcoming occasion.

Learn to ask around and posts examples of your works on social media like Facebook or Instagram to show off your artistry. 

Average salary: $6-10 per hour (income of newbies may still vary based on own rate and skills)

How to Make Money with Photography

Parting Words

It can be empowering when you have another source of income, especially when you are as young as 14 -year-old.

It is helpful on your end and to your parents because you are not asking for money to buy the things you dream of.

Side hustles are the perfect outlet to explore your passions and give you the extra boost in developing your skills.

Do not forget that success comes after believing in your abilities and in yourself.

I hope all the following side hustle jobs for the 14-year-old indicated above can help you out.

Having a side gig will lead you to a comfortable life and contribute to having a secured future.


9 Side Hustle Ideas for 14-Year-Olds in 2021

  • Earn while playing games
  • Making Artworks
  • Perform or Join Contests
  • Blogging
  • Create a YouTube Channel
  • Live Streaming
  • Clothes Thrift Selling
  • Selling Baked Goods
  • Do Photography

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