6 Job Ideas for the Undecided People in 2021

Sometimes we wonder if there are job ideas for the undecided.

Job Ideas for the Undecided
Job Ideas for the Undecided


There are times that we still don’t know what to pursue after graduating from college.

Sure, the first option is to look for a job that fits our bachelor’s degree, but sometimes, that’s not the case.

Some people do not like the degree they got because of family pressure.

Some wanted to pursue their passions, but after graduating from college, they are torn.

Still, they have to find a job for their needs.

If you are undecided on which job you want to take, here are some suggestions and tips you can do to help you make your mind up.

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Factors to Consider

There are several factors that you must consider in job ideas for the undecided.

These factors would help you narrow down your options and focus on what to do in the meantime.

  • Skillset
  • Past Accomplishments
  • Passion

Your Skillset

Back then, employers used to look at the applicants’ educational attainments before hiring someone for the job.

That means even though you are not as competent as the other applicants, if you graduated from a prestigious school, it is most likely that they would hire you for that alone.

Fortunately, times have changed.

Employers now look for the skills they can offer to the workplace for the productivity of their business.

The same goes for finding a job while undecided.

Therefore, you should focus on your skills more than anything else.

You’ll be surprised to see that many businesses offer jobs according to your skills, regardless of your educational attainment or whatnot.

Your Past Accomplishments

It goes without saying that you had your accomplishments because you excelled in doing those.

Take those into consideration as well.

If you did well on a research project back then, you must take a hard look into pursuing it as a job.

Remember that you excelled at it because you’re good at it.

Your Passions

Of course, what you love doing will definitely come into play since you’ll be offering services that you are sure of delivering.

So trust your instincts and go for those passions, be it in creatives, IT, or anything else, to be honest.

Besides, when you are doing something you love, you’ll produce high-quality work simply because it’s your passion.

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6 Job Ideas for the Undecided Folks

There are a lot of job ideas for the undecided but these are some of the recommendations we have for you.

Selling Merchandise

You can try your hand at selling goods on an e-commerce site, a shopping platform, or you can just sell using your Facebook marketplace.

It will also work if you’re selling goods you are interested in or know a lot about.

For example, if you know a lot about clothing, it is okay to sell a few garments and see how this turns out.

If it doesn’t work out, you can simply close shop and look for other opportunities.

This is a good job idea for the undecided since you don’t have to be super skilled in selling goods.

Data Entry

This one is perfect for those with an eye for detail and excellent typing skills.

Many businesses require people with excellent typing skills who can type pages of content for them.

This one doesn’t really require you to be passionate about typing, but this would do if you have no idea where to go and need the money.

This is a great job idea for the undecided because you just have to rely on your typing skills.

Virtual Assistants

Nowadays, more industries are going online, and hiring remote staff is becoming more common.

Virtual assistants work just like how executive assistants work in the office.

The only difference is that you can work in the comfort of your own home.

Most virtual assistants do different skills related to social media management, content creation, data entry, cold calling, booking flights, and handling the finances of their bosses and the companies.

This job is good for you since there are many tasks involved, and you might discover what your niche is after doing a couple of these jobs, making this an excellent job idea for the undecided.

Customer Service Representatives

It is no longer a secret that most people go to BPOs if they desperately need a job.

Most businesses hire call center agents who can respond to their customers’ queries about their products and services.

Customer service representatives must have excellent English skills and above-average communication skills since the companies train the applicants for the specifics, such as the relevant skills needed.

This is a good choice if you have no idea where to go because it adds to your skills which can help you get your dream job in the future.

This is also on the top of the list of job ideas for the undecided since BPOs cater to a lot of people with different skill sets.

Starting a YouTube Channel

This job is not a really stable source of income since YouTube has specific criteria before your videos get monetized, but it’s still worth a try.

For this one, you must tap on your passions or your existing knowledge about different topics so that you can produce quality content that won’t be compromised.

Many YouTubers get prosperous, but you must remember that not everyone gets successful off of YouTube.

Still, it’s worth a try, and makes a good job idea for the undecided.

Online English Instructors

English is the universal language for business, trade, and the economy.

Most people want to learn how to speak English to get good job positions, enhance their skills, and sometimes, for university admission purposes.

Many online ESL (English as a Second Language) companies are looking for individuals who have above-average English skills who can teach their clients.

They usually teach kids and teenagers, but some adults want to learn English, specifically business English.

This is an excellent job for you since it doesn’t require you to be passionate about anything. You just need to capitalize on your English skills.

It will also help if you are patient since most people have zero English, especially if English is not their primary language.


It is definitely hard to find a job if you are undecided on what you want to pursue.

Thankfully, you can do job offerings that only require you to be skilled in fundamental aspects, such as computer literacy and communication skills.

While you are still on your way to finding your niche, use these opportunities to build your skillset.

Then, when the time comes that you have finally decided, these skills will work to your advantage, allowing you to get jobs with more competitive compensation packages.