15 Best Jobs for Teenagers That Pays Well in 2021

These 15 best jobs for teenagers await you if you are looking for something to do in your spare time.

15 Best Jobs for Teenagers That Pays Well in 2021
15 Best Jobs for Teenagers That Pays Well in 2021

Being teenagers, we have those moments that we are eyeing things but cannot afford to have them, and that is why we aim to get a job that can give us extra money.

All teenagers have their own story to live, some are relishing every moment of being young, but for others, they start to look for the best jobs to secure their future.

Where do you categorize yourself, the first one or the latter?

The thought of financial uncertainty can be scary, but your independence will outrun it at a young age.

Worry no more as I give the best jobs for teenagers like you.

In this post, I’ll give you 15 job ideas that you can do for teenagers like you:

1. Fast Food Server

Taking this job is for those who are strong and not sluggish people.

This work is not easy, and this is physically draining as you take heavy trays from table to table and assist customers with their orders of food.

Being attentive to the details of concerns is a necessary part of this job as it matters to the overall quality of your work performance.

Average salary: $10.00 per hour

2. Catering Staff

This job primarily prepares and serves the meal to guests.

Design tables and various stations as needed and do other responsibilities as assigned.

Average salary: $13-14.00 per hour (but may vary on catering management)

3. Cashier

If you plan to have this job, you are responsible for processing cash or check transactions during the check-out turns of all customers.

You have to be certain that everything is balanced – collecting payment, giving changes, scanning, and bagging products down to processing items for returns.

This job strictly requires following and rely on given instructions by the immediate supervisor.

Average salary: $10.00 per hour

4. Virtual Assistant

If you are a teenager with stable access to a strong internet connection, have your laptop and mobile phone, and a workspace, you can find legit and best job opportunities online.

This job requires you to be flexible as you can be the personal assistant of small business owners to manage their business in terms of online engagements.

How to Make Money as a Virtual Assistant

This work includes responding to queries and email, creating content to post online, schedule meetings or appointments, or any other works that need to look over.

Average Salary: $5-$10 per hour

5. Freelance Writer

There is another best job for teenagers they can dive into to potentially have a jaw-dropping income: the world of freelance writing.

If you are confident in writing words and essays, composing original thoughts and ideas, and doing research tasks then this is something you should give a shot.

Average salary: $5-$10 per finished work

6. Young Entrepreneur

If you have a passion project existing on your mind, why don’t you start trying to turn it into reality?

You could venture into business – may it be with food, trendy clothing, or any kind of service you think that can attract customers.

Being an entrepreneur finds opportunities to start a business, and what is fascinating about this is there is no age requirement.

Average salary: (Starting level income begin at $13 per hour)

7. Language Translator

It is your time to shine if you have an extensive vocabulary of different languages, especially English and Mandarin.

You might want to try this job.

Translate those given tasks into the desired language.

Not only will you earn, but you can improve and master your language skills as well.

Average salary: (Starting level income begin at $300-400 per month)

8. Car Wash Assistant

Use your spare time to earn in a car wash shop and apply as a car wash assistant.

You are mainly responsible for ensuring the cleanliness of vehicles by washing, polishing, and drying.

You will clean both the inner and outer areas of the cars.

Average salary: ($10 per day – but may vary on the paying rules of the business)

9. Tutor

It is always the best idea to impart your knowledge to others in a specific subject.

There is another young dreamer who could benefit and improve their academic performance from listening to you.

You can work and give private lessons to young students at their place.

Average salary: ($200-300 per month)

10. Vlogger

Vlogging is a kind of work where you control your own time.

This work could be your outlet for creativity and help you achieve personal goals.

Your videos should be relatable and inspire your target viewers.

With this, you will gain regular subscribers.

Average salary: ($200-$300 per month but will hardly depend on the number of views you get per month)

11. Brand Ambassador

Brand ambassadors work with different business companies to promote their products in target markets.

This job will give you their sample products, and in return, you will have to advertise them.

Brand Ambassadors

Average salary: $100 per month (may vary depends on your channel’s performance)

12. Call Center Representative

This job primarily assists client’s concerns, complaints, or any problems by taking calls.

They need to understand their needs and extend the possible solutions.

Average salary: ($200-300 per month)

13. Barista

To maintain the fast operations of cafés and coffee houses, they hire baristas to engage with customers respectfully.

They primarily make coffee drinks with different variants.

Also, they can be handling cash transactions when checking out the purchased drinks.

Average salary: ($300-400 for entry levels per month and may still vary)

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14. Delivery Driver

As long as you have your driver’s license and fit with age requirements, you can be qualified to have this job.

This work collects, loads, and delivers items to their destinations in a secure and timely manner.

Average salary: ($200-300 per month)

15. Baking Assistant

This job is easy for teens as they will simply arrange slices of bread or pastries, pack the purchased goods and be a helping hand of the baker if needed.

Average salary: ($100-200 per month)

Parting Words

All those mentioned best jobs for teenagers are ideal and helps you form a clearer vision of what you want your future to look like.

Starting as early as now can highly bring you success.

Still, remember that no matter what path and age you are right now, as long as you are open to trying out things that can hone and enhance your skills, you will get what you want.

Pretty sounds easy, but there would be setbacks and downfalls in taking the field of employment.

So, be prepared!


15 Best Jobs for Teenagers That Pays Well in 2021

  • Fast Food Server
  • Catering Staff
  • Cashier
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Freelance Writer
  • Young Entrepreneur
  • Language Translator
  • Car Wash Assistant
  • Tutor
  • Vlogger
  • Brand Ambassador
  • Call Center Representative
  • Barista
  • Delivery Driver
  • Baking Assistant

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