7 Best Job Ideas for 16-Year-Olds in 2021

Are you a 16-year-old teenager looking for a job but has zero ideas where to start?

7 Best Job Ideas for 16 Year Olds
7 Best Job Ideas for 16-Year-Olds

Hesitations and fear may get into you, but do not let those thoughts get the best of you.

Did you know there are many online jobs for teens like you?

You are young and have many wondrous things ahead of you.

As long as you are genuinely willing to work, then you are already qualified to find one.

Starting early

Getting a job at an early age might sound pretty exciting or could be exhausting for others.

But, the positive thing about this is you have a higher chance to reap plenty of benefits – help you develop a sense of responsibility, time management skills, and even manage properly handling your money.

You only need to find your thing and make it a way to start your career.

Isn’t it cool to think that you can achieve the peak of success even at a young age?

Being exposed early in the working field will teach them valuable lessons that are needed not just in a work setting also in life as a totality.

Know your goals and priorities as early as now.

Take advantage of your good energy and venture for opportunities.

In this post, I will give you a list of job ideas that you could potentially try as a 16-year-old.

7 Job Ideas for 16-Year-Olds

1. Internet Researcher

This kind of work needs to find specific information on the internet.

You will have to research.

Some people have too much on their plate, and it would take time to get the details they need on the internet.

So, they will be needing assistance and have it done for them.

The only concern that this job has is the available work is limited.

Unless fate is on your side, and you are lucky enough to find clients who will hire you for the long run.

Develop your research skills because this job could potentially open doors of opportunities and might provide you more jobs along the way.

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2. Article Writer

Do you love writing?

Looking for a writing job online is another good move for you.

Create your portfolio as you will be competing with a lot of writers.

That can be challenging on your end.

You have to collect all your quality writing pieces as your stepping stone to land a job.

There are multiple writing opportunities online as they need regular content.

Better build such a good impression always.

Unleash your creativity with words, and this could be your key to get grand earnings.

3. Video Game Streamer

We are all aware that technology seems to get better and better every day.

It is not just a source of information and entertainment.

Video Game Streamer
Video Game Streamer

There is more to know about the concept of game streaming.

It could be another ground to earn money.

Game streaming now is more than a hobby as this could be your work too.

You choose a specific game to play and get paid as well.

Do live stream according to your availability and invest in the right equipment to make your streaming more enjoyable and compelling to watch.

Sounds fun, right?

4. Take Surveys

Some various brands and companies need information and feedback from the general public that is why they send out surveys as a way to find out the things they need to change or if there any issues they need to resolve.

That is where you can come in because you could be a part of the process as you answer surveys.

Fill out and earn.

However, this job might be painless but pays you relatively low.

Still, it is a source of additional income, and that is more important.

5. Edit Videos

This job could get you too far places if you do well at it.

People who are great at video editing can achieve a successful career in the future or even at a young age.

The advancement of technology widens career breakthroughs as there are clients that need this kind of service.

So, if you are planning to take this path, you have to compile your edited videos as your portfolio and know different editing software or be familiar with those to apply.

6. Start a Vlog

Are you looking for a sign and a little push to try this field?

Then this is the go signal you have been waiting for.

Almost everyone has their mobile phones now, right?

Then, why don’t you start creating now a YouTube Channel?

Do daily vlogs!

It is a flexible job as you can work on your timeline.

Make sure your topic will be something relevant and helpful to your target audience.

Engaging with your audience will also help you boost your channel.

Once your channel gets monetized, you can receive earnings.

You will earn money for doing vlogs, but you are creating and documenting your life as well.

Remember, your income will depend on your hard work.

7. Be a Model

If you are not camera shy and loves to pose, then this is a must-try for you.

Be a Model
Be a Model | 7 Best Job Ideas for 16-Year-Olds in 2021

But ask permission from your parents first before pursuing this.

Their permission is a must since you are not still in the legal age.

It is a working field that gives you a rewarding and fulfilling feeling.

There are lots of modeling agencies that can help you build your image in this career.

You can get to work with brands and might be a commercial model in the long run.

We can never really tell what the future holds after all.

Parting Words

If you are persevering in getting a job, you will get one.

But that does not mean you will be landing on one instantly.

Persistence is a key and keeps on trying.

Bear in mind that you have numerous competitors surrounding you in the employment world.

Be sure to have a strong heart and mind because rejections would be there for sure.

Maybe you are just a 16-year-old teenager trying to get into a legit work setting, still, the fact that you are starting as early as now is a good move and that could lead you to have a prosperous and fruitful future.

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