11 Jobs That Are Fun and Pays Well in 2021

Finding jobs that are fun and pay well can be hard to find for some people because most of them see working as a way to earn money for their needs and wants.

11 Jobs That Are Fun and Pays Well
11 Jobs That Are Fun and Pays Well

We usually think that we cannot get the best of both worlds — it’s always one over the other. Little did we know that there are indeed fun jobs, and they also pay well. 

Based on our specific history and interests, we can locate profitable and exciting careers for us.

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Many vocations provide satisfaction while also giving a handsome wage and excellent professional experience, ranging from arts and fashion, to business and technology to food and beverage.

Without further ado, here are some of the jobs that are both fun and pay well:

1. Fashion consultants

These are also known as personal stylists.

They assist clients in selecting the clothing and matching accessories to make them look even better in terms of appearance.

If you enjoy dressing up, have great taste in fashion, know a lot about the recent trends in styling, then this job is for you.

Fashion consultants also shop for the clothes of their customers, either online and offline.

On average, they usually earn at least $10.87 an hour, depending on their experience and caliber.

They can also score gigs on magazine shoots, TV shows, and more.

2. Chocolatiers

Ever wondered how you can earn from eating chocolate all your life?

Well, this job is for you.

Chocolatiers are chefs specializing in making mouthwatering and decadent chocolates for everyone to enjoy.

Depending on the company, chocolatiers can earn up to $100,000 yearly.

3. Mystery shoppers

If you enjoy shopping and going to stores and shopping malls, then this job might be perfect for you.

Mystery shoppers buy items for other people, but their ultimate goal is to rate and check if a particular store performs on par with their standards on customer service, appearance, cleanliness, and more.

These are part-time gigs, but professional mystery shoppers rake up to $70,000 a year.

4. Personal shoppers

Most personal shoppers are hired usually by busy people, high-profile people, or both.

Their usual clients include celebrities, politicians, business people, and others related to these three groups.

This is a fun way of spending money endlessly since it’s not your money anyway.

Personal shoppers earn up to $60,000 yearly on average, but it is possible to make a six-figure salary, too.

5. Cruise director

If your strong suit is events planning and management, this job might be a perfect fit for you. 

Cruises are loaded with different activities aimed at people of other interests and age groups, so they must have an activity aimed at everyone.

Cruise directors usually earn around $39,000 a year, but it can go as high as $120,000, based on your experience and capabilities.

6. Pet groomers

These people are in charge of making sure our furry friends are squeaky clean and smelling good.

They bathe pets, trim and style their fur, and also cut their nails.

It can be a fun job for someone who enjoys spending a lot of time with animals.

On average, pet groomers earn around $36,000 a year.

7. Food critic

This is another job for foodies and food enthusiasts out there.

Food critics taste and evaluate food, and they write about their observations for various media outlets.

They discuss food flavors, food presentation, restaurant service, and restaurant atmosphere. 

Food critics are also qualified in the different food and cooking techniques, food cultures, and food trends.

8. Video game designers

Most of us have enjoyed playing video games since childhood.

If you are someone who has a vast and creative imagination, enjoys designing, and has a burning passion and interest in the field, then becoming a videogame designer might be the one for you.

On average, they earn up to $68,000 or more per year.

However, game designers must study courses related to this, as this is not just designing games, and they’re done.

Nevertheless, this is literally a fun job that pays well.

9. Event planners

These people are responsible for organizing events such as conventions, weddings, anniversaries, corporate and organizational events, and more.

They make sure that all aspects of the event, from beginning to end, are running according to plan.

Usually, this job allows them to travel to places free of charge and spend days and nights conceptualizing the event.

Still, the $47,350 salary a year is always the perfect icing on the cake.

10. Concert promoters

This job is a right fit for those who love music and seeing their favorite bands or idol groups in person but do not have the money for concert tickets.

Concert promoters work with band managers to book concert venues, advertise upcoming shows, and make sure that the concert sells well.

For a $100,000 yearly salary, the additional perks of seeing and working with your favorite artists seem to be really enticing.

11. Fashion designers

This job is the dream job for every fashionista out there.

Fashion designers do many things, such as making clothing, meeting challenging deadlines, and hemming models about to walk the runway.

This is a very stressful job initially, but it can be enjoyable if you have the passion, interest, and zeal to succeed.

An eye for design helps a lot, too.

On average, they earn around $66,000 yearly, but once your designs become famous, they can go higher and higher.


Working can be stressful, especially if you do not enjoy what you’re doing, the pay is too low, or a combination of both.

These jobs are indeed fun to do, and the salary is more than enough to pay for your bills. 

People enjoy working because they love what they are doing, which makes the handsome salaries look like a bonus for their efforts and hard work.

Also, most of the jobs mentioned above have more perks that make these jobs a worthwhile experience for them.

After all, they say that working what you love doing is not working at all — it’s simply enjoying the experience.


11 Jobs That Are Fun and Pays Very Well

  • Fashion Consultants
  • Chocolatiers
  • Mystery Shoppers
  • Personal Shoppers
  • Cruise Director
  • Pet Groomers
  • Food Critic
  • Video Game Designers
  • Event Planners
  • Concert Promoters
  • Fashion Designers

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