9 Profitable Business Ideas for Teachers in 2021

9 Profitable Business Ideas for Teachers in 2021
9 Profitable Business Ideas for Teachers in 2021

Many profitable and fantastic business ideas for teachers are available, but not everyone is sure to click on every personality.

However, teachers have the gift of teaching.

Thus, teachers can do other teaching-related business ideas aside from the formal ones they do in schools.

Teachers are also good in detail, so businesses requiring a keen eye for observation and detail are hits among the academy members.

Here are some of the business ideas for teachers that are good in terms of profit too.

1. Selling Courses Online

As mentioned in the beginning, teachers have a fantastic gift of teaching.

They can educate students and those interested in learning with their teaching skills and experience from teaching in the classrooms.

Why not open the possibility of learning to those who want to learn from you online?

Some teachers have already used YouTube as a way of selling their fully online courses, but it’s never too late to give it a try.

After all, not everyone teaches the same way.

You can shoot complete recordings of the actual courses you want to teach.

Then, edit and upload a snippet on your YouTube channel as a sneak peek at what students can expect from you when they attend your classes.

Alternatively, online courses are also offered on sites like Udemy, so grab the opportunity to teach students online and earn from it.

It’s the same as teaching, but the only difference is that you work from your home.

2. Private Tutoring Services

Some teachers also offer private lessons to students or friends who want to learn more about different subjects and skills.

Most teachers who do this prefer one-on-one setups to closely monitor and assist the student in studying a particular topic.

It also means you’ll help them with their assignments and projects, if any, for a specific class. 

You can earn a lot of money if you are passionate enough and knowledgeable enough about the topics you’re teaching to students.

3. Working or Starting Your Own Workshop

Suppose you have artistic skills such as playing musical instruments, dancing, painting, sculpting, and singing.

In that case, you may consider working as a teacher in a special workshop.

You may start by applying to community workshops for a teaching position or attending private workshops and offering your teaching services there.

Most teachers say they earn more on workshops than their actual teaching jobs, so this is worth a try.

Also, starting your own workshop is a great business idea for teachers.

This is like creating your own school, with you as the headteacher and taking care of different aspects, such as student enrollment, fee processing, etc.

You can hire employees to do some tasks for you, and if your skills and knowledge are stellar, you can see more students stepping inside your room, asking for more lessons.

4. Freelance Writing

This is a great business idea for teachers, especially if you are an English or a language and literature teacher.

We all know how many businesses and individuals need stuff written for them, and being someone highly skilled in writing compelling documents and articles for those who need it, indeed, you would deliver well.

This includes creating website copies, articles, product descriptions, and many more.

If you want, you can also build a small freelance writing agency.

This is where you’ll get writing orders from clients and distribute them to a small group of writers under your wing.

You can also hire editors to check the works of your writers.

This is a great business opportunity because you can also give gigs to those who want experience in becoming skilled writers.

5. Test Makers

Writing tests is a skill, not every teacher is good at, and if you are good at one, then this business idea for teachers might be the perfect fit for you.

You can help teachers who are struggling with creating good enough questions to test their students’ knowledge about their lessons.

It would work better if you share the same subject matters as your client.

You can also edit and proofread questions for other teachers who are not confident with their writing skills.

6. Blogging

It’s no secret that there is money in blogging.

It’s not just writing random posts about random thoughts.

You must write posts telling about everything you’re good at.

Say, for example, your teaching skills or life hacks for students to ace their exams.

You’re a teacher, so you should know which skills and methods work best for your students.

Once your posts gain attention, traffic will generate, and you can sell ad space to companies on your website.

Affiliate marketing also works, especially if you are working with school-related brands and businesses.

7. Museum Consulting Services

This business idea for teachers is excellent for those who have a deeper understanding of the art world.

You must have a keen eye for style and concepts that are artistic yet out of the box. 

However, you must ensure that the community where you are based, or the nearby communities, has enough of an art community to give you a leg up in this gig.

Nevertheless, this is a good fit for art teachers or humanities professors.

8. Professional Organizing Businesses

Suppose you are a teacher who is well-known for their efficient and insane organization skills. In that case, this job might be a great business idea for teachers like you.

Professional organizing businesses offer flexible hours to their clients, who need their organizing skills for their businesses.

A professional organizer must have exceptional organizational skills, of course, and must be able to work under pressure.

9. Starting Your Own Daycare

Starting your own daycare must be the best business idea for teachers who love children, teaching and taking care of them while managing their own businesses.

You should hire daycare teachers and helpers who are responsible, patient, friendly, and good communicators.

It can be a huge challenge to take care of multiple children, especially when kids have different personalities, emotions, and outbursts.

You must show deep love for taking care of children for this business model to take flight.


Here are 9 business ideas for teachers this 2021:

  1. Selling Courses Online
  2. Private Tutoring Services
  3. Working or Starting Your Own Workshop
  4. Freelance Writing
  5. Test Makers
  6. Blogging
  7. Museum Consulting Services
  8. Professional Organizing Businesses
  9. Starting Your Own Daycare