9 Business Ideas for Parents This 2021

There are tons of different business ideas for parents who are looking for a steady source of income.

9 Business Ideas for Parents This 2021
9 Business Ideas for Parents This 2021

Thanks to the improvements and advancements in technology, some of the jobs available for parents can be done in the comfort of their own homes.

This provides a setup conducive for both parents to take care of their household and children without leaving their house and for kids to spend more time with their parents.

Here are some of the best business ideas for parents out there.

1. Financial Planners and College Admissions Advisers

Some parents do not have an idea or a clear pathway for their children’s future, especially their college education.

Financial planners help parents save up their children’s education funds and offer different kinds of ideas and advice for their kids to safely get through college.

It also involves helping the parents and the children choose their dream universities based on their wants and needs.

You must be a good planner, and of course, your kids should be an example of what you preach to make it more convincing.

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2. Owning a Consignment Shop

Nowadays, it is more trendy to scour good finds in a sea of preloved and pre-owned clothing. 

Recycling clothes is better for several reasons, including sustainability and savings.

This is another excellent business idea for parents because it only requires a small amount of money for capital and lots of time and effort to choose which clothes to sell, market the clothes to potential customers, do inventory, logistics issues, and so on. 

This might sound like a lot of work. Still, more people are interested in owning “gently used” clothing, especially those from luxury brands.

This is an excellent online business, too, since you only have to market your clothes on social media instead of actually peddling them in front of your house.

3. Content Writing and Copywriting

This business idea for parents only requires a stable Internet connection, a personal computer, a quiet place to work, and tons of imagination and wordplay.

Businessmen recruit writers who can make their website copy, blogs, social media accounts, and other business-related documents look professional yet creative and catchy.

Ghostwriting is another profitable job perfect for those who want to have a satisfying work-life balance.

At first, this can be hard, so be ready to face rejections.

Build a stable portfolio and gain experience from doing small gigs first before setting on more significant, long-term projects.

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4. Virtual Language Tutoring

This is a great business idea for parents, especially if you’re multilingual or at least fluent in another language.

You may offer your services to other parents who want their kids to learn another language. 

Children learn a language for so many reasons, be it for education or just honing another language skill.

Additionally, many online language tutoring companies hire competent people to teach their clients a second language or another language, most of the time English or Chinese.

Use your skills, and you can earn a lot just by establishing connections with your students.

5. Community Dog Walkers

If you are someone who loves animals and is also outgoing, this job is for you.

You can announce that you are willing to walk your neighbors’ dogs for a small fee and ask them to recommend you to their friends with pets.

This does not consume huge chunks of your time since you can only walk dogs for a couple of hours a day.

You can get more clients if you also take extra care of their dogs as though they’re yours.

6. Graphic Design

This job has been mentioned in several articles already, meaning there is massive potential in graphic design.

This works two ways: you may offer your services to businessmen and individuals who need your designing skills for their merchandise or business.

You can also create original designs and sell them or put them in merchandise such as shirts and bags.

Etsy is a great place for graphic designers to sell their craft to a lot of people.

This doesn’t require you to spend long hours in the office, either. You can just do this in your free time.

7. House Cleaning Services

More people run out of time to do basic things such as cleaning their houses, and you should see that as a perfect business idea for parents.


Parents are known for cleaning homes well, more than anyone else.

Why not use your cleaning skills and earn money off of them?

You can start by offering your cleaning services to some friends or neighbors in your community.

Once your reputation has been built on stable ground, you can hire more people to help you clean houses.

This can be a regular business, especially now that the global pandemic has put cleanliness and safety a top priority in many homes.

8. Crafts Businesses

This works for parents skilled in different types of craft making such as leatherworking, woodworking, steel art, and other types of artistic skills.

You can start by creating some samples, and you’ll post them online through social media.

Once you gain attention from it, you can start making more to sell to your customers.

For these types of businesses if you would turn it into a made-to-order business because producing a lot of products with no sure buyers would work against you.

Also, it would help you perfect your craft because you’ll be paying more time and attention to their orders.

9. Skills Workshops

This is a great business idea for parents since it won’t cost you a lot, to begin with.

You just have to capitalize on your skills and your teaching methods to your students.

This can go two ways.

Either you open a small class for your talent (e.g., basket weaving or bag designing) and invite interested people to attend your classes, or shoot videos filming different tutorials and helpful content posted on your official YouTube account.

These two methods usually work well since more people want to hone their skills or learn a brand new skill.

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