9 Business Ideas for Crafty Moms in 2021

There are so many business ideas for crafty moms out there, whatever expertise or skill they have.

9 Business Ideas for Crafty Moms in 2021
9 Business Ideas for Crafty Moms in 2021

Moms who are creative and business-minded tend to be more successful than other moms who work in corporate positions simply because they have reins on their craft.

Also, they can do whatever they want to make their business expand thanks to their business acumen and creativity.

Without further ado, here are some of the known business ideas for crafty moms out there.

1. Baking and Cooking

Some of you might ask how baking and cooking can be considered creative jobs.

Well, the answer is: we need creativity in plating and presentation ideas.

Most pastry chefs earn more money for baking sweets, pies, and cookies that are tasty and enticing to the eyes.

You can channel your creativity on baking-themed goodies based on special occasions, such as Christmas and Easter.

You can also study how to bake cakes and design them with cartoon characters or situations as examples.

Posting these on your social media accounts would generate more money from you.

See those Pinterest pins on pastries?

Use them as inspiration and post it there as well.

That way, you’ll gain more attention since they can see what you can offer.

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2. Styling Jobs

You can style people for photoshoots and television guests as well.

It also allows you to “design” clothes based on existing articles of clothing, such as creating a chic tube top out of your huge, oversized scarf.

Your creativity would come into play by pairing each clothing item with one another, making them fit according to the aesthetic or vibe given by the client.

You can start by browsing fashion magazines and searching online for inspiration.

Once you have gained enough knowledge, you can start building your portfolio by dressing up as one of your kids.

Then start taking a photo of them and presenting them to future clients via uploading your social media account or keeping a physical portfolio with you.

This is a great business idea for crafty moms since this employs your creativity and quick thinking skills.

3. Graphic Designing

Suppose you have a keen eye for design and detail and competent designing skills using your computer.

In that case, you can have many inroads to this job opportunity.

This can come in many different forms: T-shirt designing, merchandise designing, stickers, calligraphy, decals, and even prints on fabric.

You can design greeting cards fit for special occasions such as weddings and anniversaries. 

You can create shirts and then sell them to clothing stores.

You can also create tote bags and sell them on your Etsy account or Fiverr account. 

Alternatively, you can also accept special commissions based on what your clients want from you.

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4. Jewelry Design

You can make different kinds of jewelry and accessories, from a chic pair of earrings to elaborately designed pendants for your necklaces.

There are also many other materials you can choose from — from beads, metal, silver, gold, precious stones, and even fabric and leather.

You can get inspiration from the aesthetics on Pinterest and then try creating some of the original designs by yourself.

5. Woodworking

If you are a crafty mom who’s never afraid to see chunks of wood and turn them into exquisite-looking furniture, then this job is for you.

To start, you must have adequate experience working with wood in creating small projects such as boxes and hanging shelves. 

If you feel you can take on more significant projects, then do it.

Some examples exist, such as outdoor dining sets, storage boxes, coffee tables, and even ottomans.

This can be a tedious business idea for crafty moms.

Still, it gets rewarding, especially if you get orders or commissions for these kinds of projects.

6. Bag Designing

This can be either leather or fabric bags.

For leather, you must have competent leatherworking skills and techniques to use in creating designed initial bags.

For fabric bags, you can tap on your graphic design skills to develop a look for your purse, or if you’re into painting, you can hand-paint the design directly on the fabric bag.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you have to stop at bags.

You can do other things such as wallets, coin purses, small bags, knapsacks, and many others. Etsy is a perfect place for this business idea for crafty moms.

7. Handmade Gift Shop Operator

This is an excellent business idea for crafty moms because you can hit two birds in one stone.

You can sell your own original goods and also provide a platform to your community’s artisans and designers to sell their authentic goods as well.

You can even create care packages based on occasions such as Valentine’s Day, autumn break, Christmas, and even Thanksgiving.

This is an excellent business model since you get to introduce many new products to prospective clients.

8. Floral Artists

This business idea for crafty moms is perfect for those gifted with a green thumb.

You can buy flowers from local florists, open a small shop online or offline, and arrange flowers based on the occasion.

Many people still see flowers as a sign of gratitude, and they can convey many emotions. 

You can also go from designing bouquets and vase arrangements to other aspects, such as bonsai, brooches from flowers, floral crowns, and more.

9. Art Workshop Teacher

This job idea is perfect for those who want to teach other kids in their community the many different ways of expressing themselves through art.

You can open a small summer camp with a few kids, maybe your children’s playmates, and then ask their mothers to help you market your classes.

Alternatively, you can set up a YouTube account and upload short tutorials for kids.

You can teach kids how to create stamps using vegetables or do tie-dye for shirts.

This particular method would allow you to gain more than just a few hundred bucks.

If you’re witty and fun enough, you might receive invitations to collaborate with other art brands for some of their promotional projects.

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